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Which home appliances use the most energy? Infographic

How much energy does the average household use in Alberta?

According to Natural Resources Canada (2017), household heating accounts for 61.6% of the total ...
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Home Energy Efficiency Infographic on How To Keep Your House Cool in a Heatwave

How to keep your house cool in a heatwave?

  Keeping your home cool in the summer months can be a struggle. Alberta doesn't often get into...
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What’s the deal with these PPA’s and this government lawsuit?

What’s the deal with these PPA’s and this government lawsuit?

By now you may have heard that the Alberta Government is suing a handful of electricity...
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Power Distribution

Understanding Deregulation Part 3: Power Distribution

Once the transformers have reduced the high-voltage electricity from the transmission lines, the...
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Power Transmission

Understanding Deregulation Part 2: Power Transmission

Electricity is sent from the generating plants over high-voltage transmission lines to...
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Generation with deregularation

Understanding Deregulation Part 1: Generation

With deregulation of the electric industry in Alberta, the price paid for electric generation is...
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How to reduce energy costs?

Reducing Energy Costs: (Surprisingly) Creative Hacks To Save Energy This Winter

At Peace Power, we’ve been surveying Albertans across the province for their suggestions on how...
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9 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

“Look Ma… No Sweater!” 9 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bills…Without Bundling Up

With the temperatures cooling off, and the days growing shorter, more people are looking for...
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Cool your home without relying on A/C!

Simple tricks to cool your home without relying on A/C!

You may have read recently that the demand for air conditioning and fans due to the hot weather...
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