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Which home appliances use the most energy? Infographic

How much energy does the average household use in Alberta?

According to Natural Resources Canada (2017), household heating accounts for 61.6% of the total ...
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customer survey how to save on energy in winter

Reducing Energy Costs: Creative Hacks To Save Energy This Winter

At Peace Power, we’ve been surveying Albertans across the province for their suggestions on how to...
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9 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

9 Ways To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

With the temperatures cooling off, and the days growing shorter, more people are looking for ways...
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Cool your home without relying on A/C!

Simple tricks to cool your home without relying on A/C!

You may have read recently that the demand for air conditioning and fans due to the hot weather...
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Lowest Electricity Rates Alberta Peace Power Utilities

Our Lowest Rates Ever and Exclusive Chamber of Commerce Rates!

Peace Power has some great news to share with you!
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Peace Power Offering Natural Gas

Soon To Be Offering Natural Gas

Since Peace Power’s inception in 2012, we have had customers and the public alike ask us when and...
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Time to Get Off the RRO

Time to get off the RRO!

As we step into spring I wanted to share with you what has been happening in the Alberta power...
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