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In our mission to provide the best utility experience for Albertans, Peace Power is now proud to offer competitive fixed-rate natural gas services

You can now lock in your natural gas rate at $4.99/GJ* on a 1-year term!

Of course, we still offer our standard variable rate of $0.89 over the spot price, but are excited to provide you with the power to choose what works best for you.


How Can I Switch Over to the Fixed Rate Plan?

There is no fee to transfer to our new fixed rate as an existing customer. Simply send us an email with the subject line “Fixed Rate Switch” and confirm you want to switch. We will handle updating your account and send you a confirmation.


Are You A New Customer?

Peace Power offers competitive utility rates to save you money on natural gas, electricity, and high-speed internet. You can create your account and sign-up in under 10 minutes. Get a better deal from Peace Power when compared to the bigger utility companies. 

Want to save even more? Bundle your utilities together for an even better discount!


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Why Have Gas Utility Prices Gone Up Recently?

In 2021, we saw electricity and natural gas prices soar in response to some major changes in the market. Extreme weather patterns, offline generation due to the transition from coal to natural gas, and the impact of Covid-19 were felt by everyone this year as increased energy demands put a strain on the energy grid in Alberta. 

Spot prices on natural gas peaked over the holidays as extreme weather gripped all of Western Canada. The recent cold spell set new record lows across Alberta with temperatures well below -40. Don't wait! Make sure that you check the rate on your natural gas bill this month! If you are paying more than $4.99/GJ you might want to consider locking your rate with a 1-year term. The energy market in Alberta needs more time to stabilize, as 2022 is starting to look like it could be another year for high energy prices.

In 2014, 55 percent of Alberta’s electricity was produced from 18 coal-fired generators. In 2015 the government of Alberta announced the elimination of emissions from coal power generation, to occur by 2030. The shift away from coal has already begun, in fact, Alberta is set to retire coal power by 2023, ahead of the 2030 provincial deadline. Numerous facilities that previously relied on coal to power their generators have already switched to natural gas. The move is set to lower Alberta's carbon footprint, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by a few million tonnes every year. Alberta's move away from coal power has had an impact on the energy market, but it is just one of many reasons why natural gas prices have been on the rise recently. 


What About Electricity?

Fixed-rate electricity is coming to Peace Power as well in the future - stay tuned!


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