Simple tricks to cool your home without relying on A/C!

You may have read recently that the demand for air conditioning and fans due to the hot weather we’ve been getting is causing electricity prices to rise. Of course, if you are on one of our great fixed rate plans, you will not see this increase in price, but you may have seen a rise in your electricity consumption. To help with these rising costs, we have put together a few helpful hints to keep you and your home cool over the summer months so you won’t need to rely on A/C and fans so much.

Ceiling fans: If you have ceiling fans in your home it is best to run them counter-clockwise. This draws the cooler air from the floor to the ceiling. There should be a switch on the base of the fan that allows you to do this.

Evening air: Open your windows in the evening and try and get a cross-breeze flowing through your home to cool it off. The trick with this is to simply remember to close them in the morning before the sun heats things up again.

Close curtains and blinds: During the day you should close the blinds to keep the sun from heating up the interior.

Incandescent lights: Not only are these expensive to run, they also heat up your place pretty quick. If you can, switch to an LED bulb or another energy efficient bulb.

Buckwheat pillow: No, not this kind of buckwheat pillow with the famous Little Rascal pictured on it…

but one with buckwheat in it. If you are like me, sleeping is tough on a hot pillow but one with buckwheat in it does not hold onto heat like conventional pillows. You can find them easily online or at big box stores.

Hopefully with these tips you can keep your home a little cooler and help to get through the hot days of summer.

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Stay cool!

Kirk Clavelle
Chief Information Officer
Peace Power

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